Adult Creative Writing Workshops

"Brooke seems to see where her students are, and what they aspire to, with amazing clarity. I made a huge transition in Brooke’s workshop. I had been producing first draft after first draft of work, unsure what to do next with my raw material. Brooke gave me guidance and encouragement to expand, examine, streamline. In workshop, she was a careful reader, providing wide-focus examinations of pieces as well as delicate line edits. She led discussions with flexibility and made us into a community of writers: we are still in touch, reading one another’s work. Brooke has a rare quality in a workshop leader, meeting writers where they are and challenging them to get somewhere else!"

- Micaela Blei ,
Sackett Street and Between the Lines Creative Writing Workshops, Spring 2010 and Spring 2011

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"Brooke Shaffner's workshop inspired me to continue writing. Other writing workshops I've taken left me at a loss afterwards about how to move forward with my work. This time, I have Brooke's perceptive critiques to guide me through the revision process. Through Brooke's focus on the actual techniques and tools writers can use to tell their stories, I was able to see my writing in a different light. At the same time, Brooke consistently pushed us to figure out what hid at the center of our stories, to get down to the 'heart of the matter.'"

- Caitlin Chandler,
Sackett Street and Between the Lines Creative Writing Workshops, Winter 2010 and Spring 2011

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"Brooke's guidance is so thoughtful and insightful that it is impossible not to improve your writing through her critiques. She doesn't force her style on her students, and instead uses her uncanny ability to grasp each student's message and writing style to make suggestions that always fall within the scope of each writer's individuality. Through her workshop, I feel more confident about my voice and the techniques I can use to make it stronger."

- Hillary Gulley, MFA Candidate, Creative Nonfiction/Translati,
Sackett Street Creative Nonfiction Workshop, Winter 2010

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