College Admission Essays

"Brooke's talent for writing and revision greatly improved my admissions essays. She helped me transform my work from "acceptable" to completely engaging and concise. Her suggested revisions and attention to detail were truly remarkable and helped make my original work that much better."

- Larissa ,
Columbia, '13

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"Brooke was able to help me edit my college essays without removing my voice. She helped me refine each essay to perfection; I could not be more satisfied with another portion of my college application."

- Luciana ,
Accepted at Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and offered full scholarships to Washington University and Van

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“Brooke’s suggestions and corrections allowed me to fully express my ideas and develop them to their utmost potential. We did not have a face-to-face encounter, yet she understood my reasoning and turned my essay into one that accentuated my personality. I gave her the sketch of the dress; she returned an immaculate and beautiful gown.”

- Francheska ,
Accepted at Harvard, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and Rice, '14

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"The college application essay can never be revised enough. Brooke had the critical eye to omit the superfluous and add when I knew my ideas were becoming anemic. It seemed almost impossible to be able to write so many different essays, and still remain fresh and interesting by coming up with new ideas, but she helped ensure that every prompt was answered in an effective and engaging way."

- Krystha ,
Rice University, full scholarship recipient, '13

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"Brooke has the ability to infuse your words with new meaning. Every student has their story, but she can take your personal story to the next level. She guides you in turning your story into an inspiring work of art. I can honestly say that without Brooke's guidance, I would not have felt so confident about getting into my college of choice."

- Amanda,
Accepted at Brown University, Duke University, Rice University, Cornell, Tufts University and Johns

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